Oregon Genetics: Forbidden Fruit Rosin Cartridge

Oregon Genetics: Forbidden Fruit Rosin Cartridge


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Oregon Genetics: Forbidden Fruit Rosin Cartridge

By: Trevor

I have always loved the convenience and practical nature of cartridges. The only downside I could see was the lack of research on the long term effects of vaporizing. That being said, I was ecstatic when Oregon Genetics came in with their brand new rosin cartridges; finally, I can enjoy all the benefits of a cartridge without any of the potential risks! After doing some research I confirmed that they were indeed the real deal: pure, uncut, solventless rosin packed into an all new quartz cell cotton-free stainless steel wick vape cartridge for next-level consumption.

At the end of my shift I purchase one of the OG forbidden fruit cartridges: at $36 I expected to pay more. Bubbling with excitement, I practically ran out the door while attempting to lock-in my cartridge for it’s first use. After taking the first hit, I immediately noticed a difference from other cartridges I’ve used before. A little slow to start at first, but once the rosin is a warm you start to unlock the ability for large clouds. Taste, smoothness, effects all on point; I can honestly say that this cartridge was the closest to flower taste and effects than any other I’ve tried. Traditional to forbidden fruit, at least for my own body, the effects were stoney yet clear-headed and giggly My limbs slowly melted into the couch and I seemed to be watching the office for the first time again: I couldn’t stop laughing. All in all an extremely enjoyable experience that exceeded all my expectations! Explore the Urban Farmacy menu for our rosin selections. See you soon! #RosinPower

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