Merakii Gardens Peach Cobbler Flower

Peach Cobbler Flower


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Merakii Gardens Peach Cobbler Flower

By: Mike

Being predominantly a smoker of sleepy indicas, when the owner of the shop asked me to review Peach Cobbler, I knew right away that this perky sativa was not going to be the bedtime snack I normally use. This assignment was going to require some Structure. After I smoked, I decided to utilize the waning days of such a beautiful Portland summer by taking the dog for a walk. I floated down the street with a big dumb smile on my face, and Cornbread the bloodhound in tow (the question as to who was towing who need not be asked). I found myself more chatty with my neighbors than usual. Cornbread stopped to sniff something, and I took a deep breath, inhaling the beauty that is nature, and exhaling all my cares and stresses of the day. I felt in tune with all of it; a calming peace; a oneness, basking in the sunshine. This was soon interrupted by Cornbread taking off to chase a squirrel, which meant WE would be taking off. Having returned home with Cornbread, I decided to play my bass guitar (something that is part of my strain testing routine). I found inspiration immediately, (which isn’t always the case), and my creative juices were flowing. This is fantastic bud for artists of all stripes, and it should be at every band practice in Oregon. Overall, I was very happy with how Peach Cobbler was able to uplift and energize me. The Urban Farmacy menu has a wide variety of strains to pick from, stop by and check it out!

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