How Much RSO Should I Take?

How Much RSO Should I Take?

How Much RSO Should I Take? One of the most commonly asked questions about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is: How much RSO should I take?  The short answer is: Your RSO dose should depend on your tolerance level with cannabis and your experience level with using RSO.  I am a big believer in starting “low […]

RSO Olive Oil or Avocado Oil

It can be a challenge to keep it simple when cooking with cannabis. That’s why we use Rick Simpson Oil to make an Olive or Avocado Oil that is easy to use. You can apply the infused Oil directly to your food, make Salad dressings with it or even cook with it! See our recipe below. Before […]

Consuming RSO: How to Select an Effective Dose

Question: How much RSO should I take? Answer: Using cannabis is completely relative to each person’s unique biology and life circumstances. When embarking on the journey of supplementing with RSO each person must have dedication to personal experimentation. Dosage is dependent on each individual person and their needs at the time. There are many variables […]

Consuming RSO: 101


So you have made the jump and have decided to try using Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). The two most frequently asked questions regarding RSO here at my dispensary are as follows: How do I consume RSO? What is a good starter dose of RSO? In this blog post, we will address question number one. How […]