Magic Number 1:1 Mandarin Lime Soda

Magic Number 1:1 Mandarin Lime Soda


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Magic Number 1:1 Mandarin Lime Soda

By: Trevor

Edibles aren’t usually my go-to, I much prefer a joint or dab at the end of my day. But when the Mandarin lime soda 1:1 produced by Magic Number, made using East Fork Cultivars blue dream and AC/DC flower, I knew I was going to be changing up my routine that night. An amazing value on the Urban Farmacy menu at $12 a can. I picked up two and made my way home, magic in tow.

Once home I wasted no time, popped the can open and measured half out. Half a can was essentially 12.5 mg ea of THC/CBD which included micro amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, as this was a full-spectrum product. The taste was FANTASTIC, crisp, light and refreshing; extremely subtle cannabis taste, which could easily go unnoticed. After consuming half my beverage, and securing the remainder in the fridge, I went off to shower as was my nightly custom. Stepping out of the shower I started to feel the benefits of the magic, best described as a giggly, euphoric, clear headed, body buzz: I floated off to my room. While gaming at my Xbox, I felt good, I mean REALLY good; so relaxed and comfortable I eventually drifted off to sleep during a cutscene, and that was that, Goodnight Folks.. Next day I bought two more =]

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