Wondering How Much To Tip The Marijuana Delivery Driver?

Wondering How Much To Tip The Marijuana Delivery Driver?


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Wondering How Much To Tip The Marijuana Delivery Driver?

A lot of people are wondering about the etiquette around tipping a weed delivery driver. This is an important topic because not only does it help you dictate your manners, but it also helps the delivery driver make more money and feel like they’re appreciated for their work.

It’s easy to find yourself in a difficult situation where you don’t know how much to tip, especially if it is your first time ordering through the delivery service. To help answer this question, we have listed out the most commonly asked questions about tipping the delivery driver and how much you should be tipping the marijuana delivery driver. If this is your first time ordering cannabis delivery from Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy check out our delivery page, which summarizes Oregon rules and our policies regarding delivery. Now let’s investigate how much to tip your weed delivery driver! 

Is Tipping Marijuana Delivery Drivers Required?

The short answer is no; you do not have to tip. However, there are a few key factors that you should consider when considering tipping the weed delivery person, which you will find listed in this article.

A tip is usually given based on consideration of a service provided. They suggest a tip when you order food from DoorDash or any other food service delivery. When it comes to marijuana delivery, different states have different tax amounts, which might also influence your decision on how much to tip the weed delivery person. At our Portland dispensary, the weed delivery person works for an hourly wage, just like the budtenders. When a person comes into the store, it is customary to tip the budtender. Of course, it is your personal preference if you want to tip or not.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask The Weed Delivery Guy

If this is your first time purchasing from a marijuana delivery service, it is perfectly okay to wait until the delivery driver arrives to ask them about tipping etiquette. Most dispensary drivers would be more than willing to share what they typically see from other customers, how much percentage or flat dollar amount they typically see based on purchase amounts.

This also shows the delivery driver that you respect them, and their time, and are taking the initiative to ask rather than just not tipping them all together.

It’s also a great way to get insights from the delivery driver who sees hundreds of customers per week if it’s best to tip based on a percentage or just a flat dollar amount.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask: they will appreciate your asking.

Distance Matters

When considering how much to tip a weed delivery driver, one factor to keep in mind is the distance the delivery drivers have to travel. If the delivery driver is making less than one dollar per mile, it is safe to assume they are typically spending more on gas (especially with gas prices these days) than they are making on the delivery.

If your weed delivery driver has to travel a reasonable distance to bring your order to you, our best recommendation would be to consider your tip percentage or flat dollar amount not only on the entire purchase order but to consider your rate with the extra one dollar per mile included.

For example: If your total order amount is $50, but the driver has to drive 15+ miles to bring your delivery to you, then you want to consider adding that additional $1/per mile onto your $50 order, then base your tip percentage off that total. So it would look something like $50 + $15= $65 total order amount, then you could tip your percentage based on that full amount.

How Much Is Too Little For A Home Delivery?

When you consider having marijuana delivered, you need to consider a few different factors to answer the question of how much tip is too little?

A few of these factors include:

  • How much can you afford
  • The quality of service 
  • How fast your order was delivered
  • Weather conditions for the delivery drivers
  • Your overall happiness with the delivery process

For weed delivery recipients, a good rule of thumb should be to tip your delivery guy a minimum of $5, or 15-20% of your total order, when the order amount is above $40. There is some wiggle room here, but we recommend never tip below $5 if you genuinely care and have a good delivery experience. Keep in mind even just a few extra bucks can go a long way, mainly because most home delivery drivers don’t even make minimum wage.

It’s Different Than Tipping At A Restaurant

The tipping you do at a restaurant will be different from the kind of tips you would provide to a delivery driver. When you are tipping at a restaurant, their service involves a short walk, but with home cannabis delivery, you have to consider how far they traveled, the conditions they drove in, and the cost of gas prices.

Since drivers deliver your consumable products such as food, or in this case, your cannabis. You can consider them like waiters/waitresses, especially since they are also providing quality service that ends up with you consuming cannabis, which is precisely what restaurant servers provide.

Knowing When To Use A Percentage

When it comes to buying weed in the cannabis industry and using a weed delivery service, it truly is a luxury that we didn’t have access to in the past. With that in mind, when tipping a cannabis driver, there is a bit of wiggle room compared to tipping a waiter or waitress, mainly because most servers in the restaurant industry don’t even make minimum wage, so tips are essential to their livelihood.

However, with most cannabis drivers, good tipping etiquette is around 20-25% tip on orders over the $40 range. This helps the drivers reach the minimum wage threshold and helps them cover their costs of gas, insurance, and the risk factors they face with driving in traffic.

With that in mind, if your order is below $40, tipping based on a percentage is not the best direction to go. We recommend choosing a flat dollar amount you feel comfortable you can afford but try to keep it to at least a $5 tip.

All in All

Based on the factors mentioned above, you should consider how much money is in your bank account and what kind of tipping etiquette you want to follow before ordering weed through a delivery service. If you are happy with their services, then it’s fair to consider leaving them an extra $5, $10 or even $20+ tip versus just leaving nothing.

Lastly, if you are in the Portland, Oregon area or plan to visit anytime soon and would like to have some top-quality cannabis delivered straight to you, then visit us online at Urban Farmacy and click on our menu tab to place a delivery order. You can also find us at 420 NE 60th Avenue or search online for Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy.

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