Blue Dream Strain Review


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Blue Dream Strain Review

Written By: CannaRanda & Margo Amala

The Blue Dream strain is a marijuana cult classic that has been around for many years, and with good reason.  As such, Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy frequently stocks Blue Dream.  The origin of the Blue Dream strain is believed to have originated by crossing DJ Short’s Blueberry with a potent Haze strain.  The classic Blue Dream cannabis strain offers smells of sweet fruit notes with an undertone of pine offering a perfect balance of elevation and relaxation. Although euphoric, she tends to be more clear headed and not usually too overwhelming. Let’s begin by exploring some of the most commonly asked questions about the cannabis strain Blue Dream. We will wrap up our exploration of the Blue Dream strain by taking a deep dive into the most common terpenes in Blue Dream.

Is Blue Dream an Indica or Sativa?

Blue Dream is classified as a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Blue Dream strain is a cross of Blueberry and Haze making it pleasantly balanced; usually leaning more towards a bright and happy uplifting feel. The Haze provides the cheery boost while the Blueberry gives it a relaxing effect that is physically and mentally calm.  Blueberry and Haze make perfect partners, creating a cozy, mellow and uplifting experience.

While the notion of classifying a plant as indica or sativa has become a way for most people to define the effects of a strain, that is not the scientific meaning of indica and sativa. Indica and sativa are a way to classify cannabis plants based on how and where they grow, it does not necessarily have any impact on the effects of the strain.  Check out Cannabis 101 for a deep dive on the definitions of indica versus sativa, or stop by Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy and ask your budtender for more information!

Is Blue Dream a strong strain?

The potency of Blue Dream will depend on the growing methods and heath of the Blue Dream plant.  Cannabinoid potency tests are not very reliable as a method to determine strength of cannabis when you ingest it. Terpene test results can provide more information regarding the most likely effects of the cannabis you are considering.  Terpenes exist in many plants and have been studied at length so there is more information regarding what the most common effects of each terpene is on the human body. Finally, your own endogenous cannabinoid system will determine the effects you will experience from the cannabis and cannabis products you consume. Each person’s endogenous cannabinoid system is unique which is why if different people all consumed the same Blue Dream strain, they could all have varying different experiences.

Is Blue Dream Top shelf?

Blue Dream strain has been around for many years, it offers reliable effects and stable genetics. While Blue Dream doesn’t have the bling of all the newest strain crosses, the upside is that when you know what works for you – then you have a trusty go to strain that produces reliable results. Top shelf marijuana is usually grown indoors by experienced and educated master gardeners. The current variety of Blue Dream strain at Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy is grown by Upstream.  Upstream is a well known Oregon indoor cannabis grower. Their Blue Dream cultivar always offers potent terpenes, frosty flowers and an amazing experience.

What is Blue Dream Strain good for?

Blue dream is known for offering well balanced experiences. Regardless of your agenda for the day, if you are looking for a boost in creativity, a gentle haze of relaxation or just a cannabis enhancement, Blue Dream cannabis strain can hit all those switches and all with a clear head.  You also might find Blue Dream favorable if you need a boost to your appetite or a little relief from the weight of the day.

To really understand the potential of what Blue Dream cannabis strain is good for, let’s drill down into the primary components it’s made up of: cannabinoids and terpenes.  Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are the most well known constituents of cannabis. However it is the terpenes, which interact with the cannabinoids that are mostly responsible for the varying responses to different strains. Terpenes are basically essential oils found in every plant and herb that has a scent of any kind, including cannabis. Terpenes have documented effects on our human experience.  Understanding the effects of the primary terpenes in cannabis can help you to select the right strain for you!

The best way to determine which cannabis strains you prefer is to try them!  Whether it is Blue Dream or something more exotic, Budtenders at Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy are always willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

What Terpenes are In Blue Dream?

Many plants and herbs interact with the human body via terpenes. The most prominent terpenes in this strain are; Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene. A perfect composition of terpenes.

Blue Dream cannabis strain is a cross of Haze and Blueberry. Haze’s tend to be dominant in terpinolene, and can also be found in sage, lilac, rosemary, amongst others.  Terpinolene  has been linked to numerous influences in the human body linked to relaxation and sleep. Limonene has shown energizing, uplifting and brightening effects and is really prominent in citrus rinds. You can also find Pinene, which is known to promote mental clarity. The name Pinene gives away that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it in any pine tree!

The other half of the Blue Dream strain’s lineage is Blueberry, which is higher in Caryophyllene and Myrcene. Caryophyllene: found in black pepper, cloves and hops, is known to ease the body and calm the stomach, and promote relaxation. Myrcene is a very popular terpene amongst over 200 other plant species and is also known to relax and ease the body. Like Caryophyllene, it also appears in hops! This is why having a beer after work can be so satisfying.

Keeping track of your favorite terpenes can help direct you to cannabis strains that might also end up being your favorite!  Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy budtenders love helping people find the perfect cannabis experience.  You know where to find us: 420 NE 60th Avenue, just across the street from Seven Virtues on NE Glisan in the North Tabor Neighborhood!  You can’t miss Urban Farmacy in the big red barn with the 420 address. Check out our online menu order ahead for a curbside pick-up or come in the store to browse around!  Urban Farmacy also now provides weed delivery directly to your door!

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