Best Ways To Consume Cannabis

ways to consume cannabis


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With the growing legalization of recreational cannabis across different states in the U.S., many people are now turning to marijuana as an alternative method of consumption. There are several ways to consume cannabis, ranging from smoking, vaping, and edibles, each with its own unique set of characteristics.

Smoking is one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis as it provides a fast-acting, full-spectrum high with rapid onset effects that tend to last for a few hours. On the other hand, vaping typically takes a bit longer to produce its effects but may also have more prolonged and even more robust results. Finally, edibles are great for those who don’t want any smoke or vapor in their experience and tend to provide long-lasting effects that can last up to six or seven hours – perfect for relaxing at home. Depending on what type of experience you’re looking for, there are multiple ways in which you can enjoy cannabis products safely and responsibly today.

Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana is one way to consume cannabis, and it has its advantages. While the smoky combustion of most smoking methods produces some carcinogens and other by-products, cannabis smoked in a joint, pipe, or bong still provides cannabinoids like THC and CBD directly to the lungs. This allows quick absorption into the bloodstream, resulting in a fast-acting “high” that you can feel almost instantly. Combined with its familiarity and relatively low cost compared to other methods, smoking marijuana remains one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis.

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Smoking marijuana is undoubtedly one of the go-to methods for ways to consume cannabis, but it does come with its drawbacks. While many people prefer smoking for its immediate relief, it can be difficult to dose an amount effectively. Additionally, toxins like tar and other harmful chemicals can be released through the combustion of marijuana and inhaled into the lungs. Not to mention that there is a better risk of addiction when smoking versus using cannabis in other forms, such as ingesting edibles or topicals. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual’s health situation and preferences when deciding which form of consumption they want to try.

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Consuming cannabis through edibles is one way to enjoy the substance without relying on smoking or inhalation methods. Edible cannabis products are either eaten or drunk and may be formulated in numerous flavors and doses, allowing users to customize their experience according to their preferences. In addition, edible cannabis can give a longer-lasting effect than other cannabis consumption methods, satisfying users for an extended period of time and enabling a prolonged experience with the effects of the cannabis.

Additionally, they can often provide an even more intense effect than other forms of consumption due to differences in how each person metabolizes THC, creating a unique and possibly more powerful experience that many appreciate. For these reasons, edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis.


Vapes are becoming an increasingly popular mode of consuming cannabis. Not only do vapes offer a unique and gratifying experience, but they also offer the opportunity for greater control over individual cannabis experiences.

From temperature control to tailored flavor options, vapes provide users with more options when exploring the use of cannabis. In addition, there is evidence that suggests vaping conditions the release of THC in cannabis– allowing for more predictable outcomes related to the effect. Ultimately, the introduction of vapes has allowed cannabis users to expand their range of experiences in an efficient and cost-effective manner- making it a great choice.


Tinctures are an increasingly popular form of cannabis consumption. These extracts can be taken sublingually or dropped into food and beverages for an easy way to integrate the drug in a subtle manner. In addition, tinctures provide a helpful alternative for those looking to avoid the smoke and other physical side effects caused by combusting marijuana.

As well as giving users control over their dosage, some say that tinctures even result in a more intense effect, allowing faster absorption than traditional cannabis methods. As a result, tinctures are a unique and convenient way to enjoy cannabis both medicinally and recreationally.

Topical Applications

Cannabis comes in multiple forms and consumption methods, but topical applications are an increasingly popular choice for those looking to reap the benefits of this plant. While ingestion through edibles and breathing it in via vapor have existed for centuries, topicals offer a unique form of relief without many of the mental effects associated with smoking or ingesting cannabis products.

Topical applications also can be incredibly versatile, allowing consumers to experience all-natural CBD salves or patches in addition to full-spectrum cannabis creams. So whether you’re looking for gentle, soothing relief or a powerful boost, topical applications will help you benefit from cannabis without compromising your sobriety.


Dabbing is ideal for users looking for a more intense and fast-acting experience since it tends to be highly potent compared to other methods of consuming cannabis. This method generally involves vaporizing concentrates containing THC that is heated on a hot surface and then inhaled.

One of the biggest attractions to dabbing is that users can control how powerful their experience will be by adjusting the temperature of their dab in relation to the consistency and quality of the concentrate they’re using. This makes it much easier for newcomers to experiment with the effects.

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