Getting the Most Out of Your Recreational Dose


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Getting the Most Out of Your Recreational Dose

By: CannaRanda

In Oregon, the edibles are limited to a 5mg serving and 50mg per package. Some of us regular smokers, who have been smoking long before the legal green age, have a higher tolerance and don’t feel that 5mg dose. Some of us aren’t even phased by the 50mg in the whole package. So what gives? We have to understand that this limit is in place for safety. Imagine never having tried cannabis and picking up a chocolate bar at your local dispensary.

Depending on the dispensary you choose, the budtender may or may not offer any education or information and the buyer is left to their own assumptions or guesses. Now, have you ever gone to 7-Eleven and just ate one square of the ten that come in the package? No way. We eat the whole thing and don’t look back. For the novice to cannabis, this is an undesirable situation we hope to help everyone avoid!

Your Edible Experience

When considering your edible experience, it is important to look at your current consumption, metabolic rate, sensitivity to cannabis, and past experiences. A person who rarely smokes should consider the suggested 5mg dose, as their tolerance to THC has not developed. However, those who regularly consume cannabis or those with a fast metabolism may need a larger dose.

So how do you find that dose? We are all different, and dose will vary person to person, so no matter where you are in you cannabis journey, I always advise you to start small and add on. A dose that is too high can lead to paranoia and discomfort, such as a seasick feeling or even nausea, and can be sedative; and that would just be one expensive nap! It is much easier to increase your effects than it is to subdue them.

With all the disclosures out of the way, let’s get into dosing and how to estimate what dose would be best for you.

Newbies and Novices: 2.5mg – 5mg Should give you a mild happy euphoric experience. If you are intimidated by edibles, try starting with a 1:1 THC: CBD as it is a more subdued and mellow effect that isn’t as intoxicating.

Weekend or social smoker: Start at 5mg, but don’t be surprised if you venture further to 10 or 15mg. You’re likely to experience the happy euphoria while still being somewhat cognitively aware. This can make a great dose for social situations.

After work smoker: If you are replacing your glass of wine or whiskey with a joint or bong after work your THC tolerance is probably a little higher. Don’t be surprised if you go so far as 15-25mg to make it more effective.

Daily smoker: If you smoke everyday after work and fill your weekends with toke sessions you might have to take it even further. 30-50mg to hit the spot

All day, everyday smoker: We everyday smokers usually go for the edible for a really intense effect that we aren’t getting from our everyday use. 50-100mg can provide a very strong euphoric effect.

(Again, I will stress the importance of taking it slow. There is nothing worse than taking what is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience and turning it into a deep sleep, or worse a discomfort.)

Some tricks to intensify your experience: increase fat consumption, Omega 3, and/or myrcene intake (mango or hops) intake, at least 30 minutes before consuming. Vitamin C is also known to increase the psychoactive effects of edibles. Additionally, CBD can also increase the effects of THC and increase the duration of your experience in a 16:1 – 20:1 ratio of THC: CBD. Cannabinoids work better together and all these tricks help increase bioavailability. I personally noticed a huge reduction in my intake when I made these changes, which is saving me money, less wasteful, and helping me feel really good!

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