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When shopping at your recreational marijuana dispensary, finding the right strain of cannabis to smoke while you watch your favorite TV shows can be quite a challenge. Too strong and you’ll feel overwhelmed; too weak and you won’t get the desired effect. Fortunately, a few tried-and-true strains can give you the perfect level of relaxation while not draining all your energy. So don’t worry if you want to ensure a perfect combination of buzz and mellow vibes as you make your way through Netflix’s latest show – there are plenty of smoking options to keep you satisfied.

Netflix And Chill

What better way to unwind after a long, hard day than with a bowlful of your favorite strain and an enjoyable show on Netflix? People have been making this combination for years, but never have there been so many options streaming at our fingertips. So for those who love to partake in cannabis activities while watching their favorite Netflix shows, we’ve put together a list of our top recommendations.

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Netflix and chill

From the hilarious stoner comedy Family Reunion to the gripping drama Ozark, the best shows on Netflix are sure to provide the perfect backdrop while enjoying your marijuana session. So whether you’re looking for comedic relief or looking to get lost in someone else’s narrative, these top streaming shows are guaranteed to liven up any smoking session.

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Grape Gasoline

The Grape Gasoline cannabis strain is an ideal choice for movie lovers. It helps users settle into a relaxed and cozy mindset, setting the stage for a perfect night in with Netflix. First, it offers a mellow yet full-bodied high that locks in its soothing buzz. This allows you to turn your attention away from any worries, focusing solely on the engaging characters and stories that come alive on the screen before you.

The flavor profile of Grape Gasoline is hearty and bold, offering notes of diesel and sour grapes that further facilitate this meditative experience – before you know it, you feel fully immersed in some exciting new world.

Durbin Poison

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing night in, try out the Durbin Poison cannabis strain. This Sativa dominant hybrid is known for its mellow yet uplifting effects, making it perfect for kicking back and catching up on some of your favorite television shows on Netflix.

eating popcorn and watching television

It instantly puts users at ease, offering a gentle body buzz along with an elevated mood that makes it almost impossible not to smile. Best of all, its subtle energy will keep your mind alert enough to stay interested even after the first episode of a series has ended.

smoking pot and watching TV

Leftover Crackers

The Leftover Crackers cannabis strain has quickly become renowned among cannabis users. Perfect for helping you relax and turn your brain off, this strain is ideal while watching television shows on Netflix. It produces a powerful body stone that will help quiet any mental imbalances you may have, creating an overall feeling of relaxation and contentment.

Many people have reported having a great time with friends, or family members curled up in front of the TV and enjoying this pleasant marijuana effect – leading to some of the best memories possible. So get ready to lean back, find your favorite show, and indulge in the amazing Leftover Crackers cannabis strain. Visit our recreational marijuana dispensary to shop this fine strain. 


If you’re looking for the perfect strain of cannabis to make watching a movie on Netflix even more enjoyable, TNT is the way to go. Not only does this strain produce pleasant psychoactive effects that can improve mood and relaxation levels, but it also gives users a heightened appreciation for visual stimulation.

laughing stoners

With deeper color saturation, increased contrast, and better motion tracking, you’ll be able to experience movies in an entirely new way. Whether you’re into comedies, dramas, or action flicks, there’s no better strain than TNT to upgrade your viewing experience. Laugh out loud at jokes with ease, leave yourself transfixed by a powerful performance, or get lost in suspenseful scenes – Either way, TNT is the perfect complement.

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