Staying Discreet With Your Cannabis Consumption

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Have you ever smoked cannabis and found out you have in-laws stopping by on short notice? They are lovely people, to be sure, but they might not appreciate the fact you are buzzed. There are times in your life when discretion should be practiced after you have smoked weed. That is, you need to do something about those bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, and increased appetite, so you look and act a little more normal. Whether you engage in marijuana from your local cannabis store for recreational or medicinal purposes, there are steps you can take to avoid the stares and judgment of people who don’t agree with your lifestyle. After all, there is still a lot of stigma in the industry.

Telltale Signs That You Have Smoked Cannabis

There is a variety of telltale signs that you have been smoking marijuana. One of the most common is red, bloodshot eyes. This is caused by dilated blood vessels which are a side effect of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

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Another common sign is increased appetite, often referred to as “the munchies.” Marijuana also tends to cause dry mouth and increased heart rate. Additionally, many people who are on marijuana experience a heightened sense of creativity and a decrease in inhibitions. As a result, they may be more likely to laugh uncontrollably or engage in silly behavior. But if you find yourself in a situation where discretion is best, you need to hide your current condition.


Eat And Drink

It’s important to hydrate when you want to hide your condition. Drinking lots of water helps to flush out your system and makes you feel and act more normal. Of course, you don’t have to just drink water either; there are plenty of other refreshing drinks that will hydrate you, including herbal teas and fruit juices.

Eating food is another way to help bring you back down to Earth. However, you might want to avoid slamming an entire pizza or eating a whole bag of Doritos. Eating way too much junk food can be a dead giveaway that you totally have the munchies. On the other hand, you can fool people into thinking you are not on marijuana by choosing healthier food options like fruit and veggies.

Sunglasses At Night

Donning a sweet pair of shades is a great way to hide your bloodshot eyes. If necessary, you should wear them at night as well. If anyone asks why you are wearing sunglasses at night, just tell them you are making a fashion statement.

Another way to battle bloodshot and droopy eyes is to invest in some quality eye drops. Smoking pot often temporarily dilates the blood vessels in your eyes, which is the cause for the classic look. Most eye drops on the market provide hydration for the eyes and constrict the blood vessels to make you look more normal.

Mind Your Manners

People who indulge in cannabis tend to giggle a lot, talk too much, and act like they are, well, under the influence of marijuana. So when you want to act like you aren’t, stay focused and follow a few simple instructions. Pay attention to the people around you, make eye contact with them, and only speak when you have to. It is best to keep your statements very short; you don’t want to ramble on about nothing in particular.

When you are in a social setting and you are high, focus as best as you can on what others are saying, be a good listener. Also, be aware of how you act; staring off into space will never help your cause. It also helps to make statements like, “I’m all out of sorts today,” or “That cold medicine I took gave me a bit of brain fog.”

Shower And Shine

If at all possible, take a long hot shower using plenty of soap. If you smoked weed, the odor is going to stick to you like gum. So it is best to scrub that weed smell from your entire body. Also, don’t hop out of the shower and throw on the same clothes you were wearing; they will smell just as potent as your body. Instead, put on a fresh outfit and give yourself a few sprits of cologne or perfume, but not too much.

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