Happy Cabbage Battery


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Happy Cabbage Battery

By: Randa

I copped a battery made by Happy cabbage today from Urban Farmacy on NE 60th. It’s this gorgeous deep purple and has more of an oval shaped button that is flush to the battery. This was really nice considering that a majority of the time my pen is stored in my purse (yes, I know I shouldn’t to maintain quality and function). It has an on and off switch by simply clicking it five times and three clicks to change heat settings. This battery is different than others I have tried with heat variable settings. It only has two versus the three you would normally see. I was skeptical at first, as I can be quite the connoisseur some may even call me snobby. Lol. But I found that between the two temperatures I was able to get a perfect temperature for both enjoying terpenes at the lower setting and getting a substantial cloud from the higher setting. I really like how this battery looks and even more like that it charges with a micro USB. I think everyone can agree that this is more convenient considering any electronic device you receive usually comes with one of these cables. Not to mention you don’t have to remove the cartridge every time you want to charge the battery as you would with your traditional 510 thread count charger. It’s very sturdy and has a bit of weight giving it a more high-end feel. I am an absolute fan girl of Happy Cabbage products and I think this battery is ideal for their rosin cartridges. I find rosin cartridges need a little more of that high heat towards the end to prevent clogging and to get an even burn because they are higher in the oils that provide flavor and effects AKA terpenes. 9 out of 10 Stars.

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