Angel 4000mg Med Tincture


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Angel 4000mg Med Tincture

By: Josh

I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve been really tired. Sometimes it feels like the only way to shake that constant groggy feeling is to take a REALLY good nap. Luckily for those of us with medical cards, there are a lot of excellent options to help sedate your worries away.

I’ve always been hesitant of “Angel” as a brand because they offer numerous high-strength products at a very reasonable price. I’ve worked in the cannabis industry for a long time, and it’s not very often that you see a great product at a great price and it has no skeletons in its closet. Thankfully I’ve tried a lot of “Angel” brand concentrates and tinctures, and I have yet to find a bone. They have a range of cheap dabs that slap, and they taste good! That’s not why we’re here, though. Today I want to talk about the Whopper. The Mamma Jamma. The Big One.

“Angel” released a 4000 mg THC Tincture available to medical patients only. It’s probably the strongest singular product I have ever seen on the shelf, and I was around for some really amazing things before recreation was legalized. It’s a 1 oz bottle, so I’m not really sure how they managed to cram all that goodness into this little bottle, but I promise it’s all there. It may be wise to dilute this bad boy in something to give the product some longevity; MCT oil can be purchased by itself at most grocery stores! If you or a loved one has a medical card and the need for some SERIOUS relief, talk to a Farmacist near you @ 420 NE 60th Ave. We’ll leave a light on.

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