Artifact Extracts – Irish Stout Diamonds


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Artifact Extracts – Irish Stout Diamonds

By: Josh

Good morning America, I’m coming to you live from my backyard and I have some LIT news for you: Artifact Extracts has some serious fire coming down the pipeline! Artifact’s new line hit the shelf @ Urban Farmacy and so far the crew is in love. I’ve tried almost all of the strains and they were stocked only four days ago. Every strain has its own unique terpene combo, effects, and consistency. Too frequently, I find that every different strain from an extract company has the same consistency, same terpene ratios, and even the same effects. It’s hard to believe that “DogWalker OG” and “Sour Diesel” are going to provide the same experience, they shouldn’t if my six years of selling weed has any bearing here.

Thankfully, Artifact has broken the mold for me. I’m ready to dab again, and there is finally a quality product out there. The “Irish Stout” Diamonds were made using flowers from Ideal Cannabis of Oregon. There’s very little on the internet about the infamous “Stout” Strain, from what I found though: it is the legendary Sativa I have been searching for my entire career. The unique blend of terpenes and cannabinoids found in this strain family are associated with: chronic fatigue, cramps, chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, and nausea. It has a sweet lime and sage bouquet on the front and it leaves you with a susurrus of pine and pepper to ruminate on: one of the best tasting dabs I’ve had in my life. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m losing my mind. However, I don’t typically rant and rave for nothing, even if I rant often. If you or a loved one is in need of a seriously good extract: you may qualify for Artifact Extracts. See a local Urban Farmacy Farmacist for details! We are located in Portland’s North Tabor neighborhood right across the street from Seven Virtues Coffee Shop

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