Yocan Evolve


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Yocan Evolve

By: Taylor

The Yocan Evolve caught my attention for a few reasons; firstly is the quality of the parts. This thrifty little dabber is equipped with a quartz and medical grade titanium dual coil. As a health minded cannabis user, quality is the first attribute I look for in a wax pen, so this was a huge get! Secondly, this plucky little lady is a great size for minimalist minded individuals and a fantastic option for novice and dab-curious users. Dabbing can be an intimidating investment into a lot of equipment. And for those, like myself, with anxiety around flame, this is a great alternative for anyone unsure of handling a butane torch.

However, thrifty buyers beware, this lovely lady will draw and hit about as hard as a conventional rig, but runs through product faster! With the dual coil system, it burns quite well but simply burns more than a single coil would. When taking a draw, I recommend to stop holding the button earlier than you ordinarily would and finish your draw. Less is more and this little honey draws hard enough, you won’t need to! Come see us at 420 NE 60th Ave or view our menu here!

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