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By: Taylor

I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Pax Pods, I finally got my hands on one! All I can say is that they deliver exactly what they promise; A cartridge that works no matter how it’s stored and never leaks!

As a person who likes to hike and travel (and is, in all honesty, not the most adept with organizational skills), I did not realize how much I appreciate not having to plan around or packing my cartridges upright. For my test I reached for the Pax Era Life – it’s slim and sleek compared to the standard first generation Pax, comes in lots of colors (for those who care, like moi!) and I find myself loving the lightness and discreteness of this little battery. Pax has got me crushing on their Pods for the oil economy – a little goes a long way with these babies! Typically, I won’t shell out for half gram carts that aren’t rosin or top shelf live resin, but I’m glad to have made the exception for the Pax Pods. Not only is the Pax Pod technology efficient, but the oil maintains its consistency down to the last drop and doesn’t change flavor. The terpenes are well preserved, so it has a consistent flavor throughout its life. I had an Angel Food Cake Pax Pod from Willamette Valley Alchemy that was simply stunning! All the notes of sweet cheesiness rang through like a bell and held strong with every puff.

The only model I can comment on is the Pax Era Life, the major downside to these nifty batteries; they need to be charged constantly! I would guess that I charged the Era Life roughly twice as often as my 510 thread standard temperature controlled battery. The technology of the Era Life is amazing just be aware of the extra charging needed.

All in all, Pax Pods are amazing and they’re a great option if you’re burnt out (no pun intended) on losing the last little bit of your cartridge, leaking issues, gummy oil, or inconsistent flavor. If you’re a seasoned cannabis lover with a taste for good carts, I highly recommend adding Pax Pods to your arsenal! Stop by one of Portland’s top rated dispensaries: Urban Farmacy and talk to a budtender during your next visit! Check out our menu to see which flavors of pax pods are in stock today!

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