Willamette Valley Alchemy Live Resin Cartridge


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Willamette Valley Alchemy Live Resin Cartridge

White Cherry Truffle (5.49% Myrcene)

Budtender: Maddy

My experience with the live resin cartridges from Willamette Valley Alchemy has been uniquely wonderful. This company goes the extra distance to provide the consumer with high quality oil. They label all the pertinent information a consumer could want to know such as their live resin process, partners they collaborate with, and full terpene profiles for their oils. As soon as I opened the child-resistant packaging the overwhelming smell of sweetly tart cherries hit me in the face because of the high terpene percentages in this cartridge. My expectations were then blown away! Everything from the elegant wooden tip, to the effortless large hit I was able to take (using a CCell draw battery), to the full flavor upon exhale. All of these factors created an elevated vaping experience. The effects of this White Cherry Truffle (flower from Fox Hollow) were spot on as far as the high myrcene count led me to expect. I felt pain relief, and became relaxed quickly from the live resin. After a couple puffs I noticed the familiar heavy eyelid feeling as well as a pleasant body buzz. My experience was that I needed less of this live resin cartridge to get to the same elevated level that any distillate cart would require much more use. With each flavorful hit, the sedation sank in and I noticed myself feeling ready for bed. I am now a fully converted Willamette Valley Alchemy live resin cartridge enthusiast! I noticed the same perfect hit from this delightful cartridge from beginning to end! If you are looking for full flavor, full effect, and excellent quality in product: Willamette Valley Alchemy is for you.

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