Virgin Cannabis: Pink Lemonade


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Virgin Cannabis: Pink Lemonade

By: Bri

After a long exhausting day, a new jar of flower by Virgin Cannabis appeared on the shelf.  Her name is Pink Lemonade, she was calling my name. I would call it fate; that day I was wearing a pink hoodie, pink is my favorite color, and lemonade is my favorite drink. I knew I really needed to relax after work, and I was very curious about this new sativa. Usually for relaxation, I would go for something like our Purple Hindu Kush or notable Forbidden Fruit, however, I have been excited to switch this up and saw this strain as my sign.

The effects of Pink Lemonade were so awesome that I had to experience it twice to believe it.  Don’t let the lower THC percentage fool you! This sativa’s effects will have you feeling energized and creative, with an undertone of relaxation.  The aroma and taste of this bud was delectable. Pink Lemonade’s terpenes are sweet and citrus, with a hit of pine. A terpene profile ripe for an uplifting and yet well balanced experience.  I highly suggest stopping by our top-rated Portland Dispensary: Urban Farmacy!  Check our menu for this lovely cannabis cultivar!

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