Tasty’s Chocolate Crinkle Cookie 1:1

Tasty’s Chocolate Crinkle Cookie 1:1


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Tasty’s Chocolate Crinkle Cookie 1:1

By: CannaRanda

This cookie is the bomb.com. To start, the packaging was child-proof. This may not seem like a big deal, but anything that cuts down on waste in the cannabis industry, I am in full support of. Now to the cookie: as a seasoned cannabis user, I love edibles that I don’t have to eat a lot of just to get my desired effect. Its packed 50 mgs of both CBD and THC in just one cookie, and splitting it in half was the perfect dose for me. I was full of energy, but my body was relaxed, and my chronic pain was mellowed. Very happy to be left in a very euphoric state but completely functional and clear-headed. Lastly, I didn’t have to deal with the bog that can come with normal THC edible can lead to. The cookie had a bit of crumble which might make this more difficult to portion a lower dose, but the chocolate was rich, and the cookie tasted good. The best part is it costs about two-thirds the price of other edibles with that cannabinoid content. Stop by our Portland dispensary: Urban Farmacy, to try Tasty’s Chocolate Crinkle!

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