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By: Josh

“Sluuuuuuurrrrrp” is the sound that everyone is going to be making this summer.

I’m so grateful that the industry has taken a turn for the cost effective. The last year in cannabis was very exciting, as the pandemic settled in Oregon engaged A LOT more THC. Most of the distributors I know were operating at three times production capacity, and most still are. Thankfully this incredible high demand has inspired the processors out there to make products that have longevity as well as being cost effective. Most of these products have been tinctures, like the new Slurp from Rose city Confections.

I would love to grab a 100 mg gummy, but here in Oregon you have to have a medical marijuana card to do so. Thankfully for my high tolerance, you do not have to have a medical card to purchase any of the high THC tinctures on the shelf here at Urban Farmacy. The Slurp “Green Stuff” 1000 mg tincture is my favorite so far. Slurp has a consistency similar to a flavored syrup, and “Green stuff” tastes like green apple. I would suggest mixing a dose into a seltzer or something fizzy, it mixes very well and makes engaging the product fun as well as yummy!

The cannabis carrier in Slurp is Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil which is processed through the liver, typically this means it will take the product a slightly longer time to activate. If you are worried that you aren’t feeling anything yet, give it a minute! MCT oil is a preprocessed form of coconut oil, and the product contains sunflower lecithin as well. If coconut isn’t your thing, or you have a nut allergy then beware!

Slurp is made by the fine people at Rose City Confections, and it’s distributed through Odyssey Distributions. It can be found at your friendly neighborhood Urban Farmacy @ 420 NE 60th Ave

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