Right & Well Massage Oil


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Right & Well Massage Oil

By: Bri

Just when you think Cannabis products couldn’t get any more diverse: Wright and Well’s infused cannabis massage oil has made its way into Urban Farmacy. Wright & Well is a new cannabis company, specializing in a variety of THC/CBD topicals and tinctures. Wright & Well bridges science and Ayurvedic practice to give users the best of both modern and natural medicine. Sourcing their ingredients ethically and using organic and pesticide-free grown flower is what every topical user wants to hear. Furthermore, Wright and Well selectively chooses what they will put in their products. In regards to how they infuse their massage oil, opt to use CBD isolate and the strain Purple Hindu Kush this flower choice and extraction process makes for an effective solution for easing pain. Upon researching some of the ingredients, I found that hemp root oil and hemp seed oil can have amazing health benefits and can improve skin conditions like burns (found this out the hard way). Not only am I impressed with the product’s potential medicinal benefits but the product’s ability to relax and quality ingredients. While on the pricey side this high-grade infused massage oil would make for a perfect gift. Come get yours at Urban Farmacy located at 420 Ne 60th Ave in the big red barn or online here.

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