Oshihana Sex Oil


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Oshihana Sex Oil

By: Randa B

A pot shop might be the last place you’d think to get your sex lubricant from, however, I will say, adding THC into your sex life is a great way to enhance it. THC is helpful during sex, as it can relax the mind and muscles, and decrease inflammation and pain. Knowing this, I was eager to try Oshihana’s Sex Oil once it hit our store!

Oshihana’s Sex Oil was the downright perfect addition to my sex life as it truly helped me relax before and during the act. This natural sex oil was specifically designed for helping with relaxation by bringing more oxygen to the area it’s applied. More oxygen equals more blood flow and more blood flow equals more sensation. This is a key attribute that sets this product out from the other sex oils on the market. The botanicals in Oshihana’s Sex Oil help elevate pain and inflammation which is vital for a pleasurable sexual experience. The natural ingredients also mean no sticky areas or foul taste. Oshihana is also an incredibly sex-positive company that promotes sexual education alongside their products. For those who have a hard time relaxing before sex, this sex oil makes for a perfect remedy. For those who are just looking to experiment, this will satisfy your curious desires. Regardless of your needs, you truly will have better sex with Oshihana’s Sex Oil. come get yours at Urban Farmacy in the big red barn off the corner of Glisan and 60th ave or order online here.

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