OM Extracts Raw CO2 Oil – Blue Dream CBD

OM Extracts Raw CO2 Oil - Blue Dream CBD


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OM Extracts Raw CO2 Oil – Blue Dream CBD

By: Maddy

My experience with OM Extracts Full Spectrum Raw CO2 Oil could not have been better! The 3:1 CBD:THC ratio in this Blue Dream FECO is great for daily use, and helped me with pesky pains and relaxation. This whole-plant extract has a 19% terpene content and a surprisingly pleasant taste. I love that this oil is so versatile that it can be eaten, dabbed, or used to refill a vape cartridge. After using it nightly for a week, I found it was absorbed best under the tongue. Consumers can expect a high quality product in a user-friendly glass dripper that is easy to dose. I enjoyed the mild head shift and relaxing effects of this myrcene-heavy oil that had me sleeping like a baby! The full spectrum raw CO2 oil from OM Extracts truly is “Mindful Medicine.” Check out our menu for strain availability, or visit our top-rated Portland dispensary today to learn more about OM Extracts products.

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