Magic Number Apple Pie Shot


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Magic Number Apple Pie Shot

By: Devon

My first drink by Magic Number was actually the THC Mandarin Lime Soda at 50mg. My thought was: it is refreshing to see a soda that is strain specific! That is often hard to find in relation to edibles; let alone a beverage!

My attention was snagged when I saw they curated a Seasonal Apple Pie Tincture at 150mg potency made with Durban Poison extract. Hesitant at first, I mainly lean toward an everyday consumption of indica strains and/or products, it was a very well balanced experience! Fully body high, yet offering a clear headed cerebral effect from Durban Poison. I was able to continue the day almost with a giggly demeanor while still staying focused & productive.

I dose at 50mg so I am really satisfied with 150mg of THC in the whole bottle: especially at the price point of only $24! Whether you are adding a couple drops to some chilled apple cider or a hot toddy, a dose of this delicious potion by Magic Number will kick it up a notch! Stop by Urban Farmacy or check out our menu to check out the entire Magic numbers line of drinks and more!

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