Luminous Botanicals THC Sky


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Luminous Botanicals THC Sky

By: Bee

Although I now find myself most intrigued with Luminous Botanical’s High THC Cannabis Tonic, It was Luminous Botanicals Dew Comfort Blend that first won my heart. A balanced ratio of cbd and thc was exactly what I was looking for alleviation, yet the Pleasure Blend seemed to work just as well, if not better!!

Luminous Botanicals is a company focused on consciously sourcing ingredients and creating a range of small-batch cannabis oils. While the Dew line is sold in a pump bottle and has some added ingredients for taste and added effect, Luminous Botanicals also offers a range of tonics with high CBD, THC, or a balance of the two. I have found that I experience the same effects while using the tonics — but of course there is the added benefit of the tonic being easier to dose out if chose to take it orally.

After trying both Luminous’ tonic line and their lubricants, I can confidently say that the high THC tonic offers everything that I am looking for from a coconut based cannabis oil. When applied topically, the tonic personally offers both alleviation from cramping muscles and provides much needed anti-inflammatory effects. However, when taken orally, the tonic both alleviates my anxiety while helping immensely with my full body muscle and nerve pain.

All in all, Luminous Botanicals is a brand that I trust and their high THC tonic will always be on hand. Come see us in the big red barn off the corner of Glisan and 60th ave or 0rder yours online now.

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