High Desert Pure Celebrate Tincture


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High Desert Pure Celebrate Tincture

By: Josh

Hello friends, it’s that time of the week again. I found another awesome tincture and I’m so excited to share it with you! This time it’s a solid THC choice from High Desert Pure, 1000mg no less. Normally I don’t go for something with that kind of potency, but it’s my brother’s birthday so I broke out of my comfort zone! Like most of the tinctures I enjoy, it’s MCT coconut oil-based and it has a really soft cocoa flavor to it. The flavor is pleasant, which helps me hold it in my mouth for sublingual delivery.

The tincture has a very strong psychoactive response, followed by deep sedation. Beware of a groggy feeling after waking up, I wouldn’t suggest using it if you have to go anywhere in the morning! I feel Like High Desert has really managed to create a product that caters to my needs without sacrificing quality. It’s incredibly rare for me to find a product that tastes good and is effective.

If you are looking for something to keep you in at night, this is the tincture for you. I think I’m going to have to wait a year to pull it out again but I know it’s there for me. If you have something you’d like to celebrate, and you need to wind down afterward, stop by 420 NE Glisan and grabbing one of these bad boys.

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