High Desert Pure Bath Salts


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High Desert Pure Bath Salts

By: Bee

A soak that stays (but not in your tub!)

Having never experienced a medicated bath, I dove straight in. High Desert Pure’s Full Spectrum Soak & Fizz is intoxicating upon both first glance and first sniff. Reminiscent of something magical in a bottle, the purple tones of the salts are vibrant and stable ー thankfully these bright tones refrain from staining both your body and your tub, unlike so many other colored bath additives that do!

Utilizing full spectrum cannabis extract, High Desert Pure’s Soak and Fizz are primarily epsom salts infused with a blend of CBD and THC, along with shea butter, and lavender essential oil.

Thanks to the blend of CBD and THC, I found these bath salts to be instantly both alleviating and relaxing. However, the suggested serving size (100mg CBD:100mg THC) ended up having a more sedative effect than I was looking for. I found that mixing as little as 2-4 tablespoons into warm water did the trick, leaving me as relaxed as I was in the tub for the rest of the night!

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