Herban Tribe: Delta 8 Elixir


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Herban Tribe: Delta 8 Elixir

By: Margo Amala

When the Herban Tribe: Delta 8 Elixir landed in the dispensary, my curiosity was piqued. Questions began to swirl around in my head: What exactly is Delta 8 THC? Does it cause intoxication? Why would someone want to use it? I did some google searches which yielded me only a small amount of information on Delta 8 THC. As a result I jumped in and started doing some serious research. The end result is a whole blog about the fascinating variations on the THC cannabinoid: Demystifying Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC & THCA. In short, Delta 8 THC is the lesser intoxicating sister to Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 has a double bond on the eighth carbon bond and Delta 9 has a double bond on the ninth carbon bond. This changes the chemical structure and hence how it fits into your endogenous cannabinoid system receptors.

Enter Herban Tribe: Delta 8 Elixir. The only way I was going to know what Delta 8 was like was if I tried it, and so the story goes on. This Herban Tribe elixir is suspended in grape seed oil which makes it an allergy friendly tincture. There is literally zero flavor to the tincture, it isn’t delicious, but it is totally palatable. I took one dose of the Delta 8 Elixer about an hour before: I felt no intoxication whatsoever,I felt relaxed and fell asleep with ease. I woke in the morning without the haze that can be left over after taking a dose of Delta 9 THC. All in all, I vote win for the Delta 8 if you are looking for all the benefits of THC without the side effect of intoxication. Check out our local Portland dispensary Urban Farmacy for all your cannabis needs!

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