Happy Hippy Bubble Hash


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Happy Hippy Bubble Hash

By: Enzo

As the age of recreation cannabis dominates our culture, quality hash has been harder and harder to find. Thankfully, our friends over at Happy Hippy have us covered. Full spectrum bubble hash is the perfect utility concentrate. Easily thrown on top of a bowl or blended into a joint, this extract is far from difficult to use. No dab rig required. Rude Mint is a stand out strain providing a smooth and calming high. Perfect for pairing with a variety of hybrids in order to create a long lasting, euphoric high. Rude Mint is highlighted for its help with stress relief, as well as its ability to provide all day, long lasting pain management.

Happy Hippy has a variety of full spectrum bubble hash strains that can upgrade your session and help you maintain your orbit. Keep it old skool. Get yours online here or stop by the big red barn off of 60th and Glisan and get your own.

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