Green Well 2:1 Grape Seed Oil Tincture


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Green Well 2:1 Grape Seed Oil Tincture

By: Tony

First off, this tincture is strain specific. It Contains Critical Mass, one of my all-time favorite CBD-rich Indica flowers with just the right amount of THC that my receptors require. (Also worth mentioning is its fantastic terpene profile that couples together so well). This product is loaded with 648 mg of CBD and 443 mg of THC. Green Well really went the extra mile when determining how much oil is needed per dose. One single drop has .86 mg of CBD and .59 mg of THC. One dose helps with relief without being overly intoxicated or unable to function throughout the day. This amazing product tends to ease my aches and pains and is a nice tool to combat the plethora of daily anxieties caused by everyday life. I personally love that they use grapeseed oil as their base. As one whose body doesn’t internally pair well with MCT or coconut oil, it’s a breath of fresh air to have another option on the table. Whether you’re looking to calm the tensions of the day, simply soothe, relax and unwind after a hard day’s work or just want to catch up on some sleep, this is the tincture for you.

Also, if you’re on the go and need a smaller portable version of this product, they produce a lower-dose spray version of this tincture that also contains peppermint oil mixed together with grapeseed oil. It is delicious and freshens your breath as well. Check it out on our online menu or swing by Urban Farmacy at 420 NE 60th Ave off of Glisan today; we’d love to hear your story and send you out the door with this high-quality tincture.

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