Dosi Mint By Midnight Fruit Company


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Dosi Mint By Midnight Fruit Company

By: Trevor

Midnight Fruit Company is one of my favorite farms since they’ve been introduced to Urban Farmacy. I honestly can’t get enough of them: all the flower is top-notch! Not only the looks, but the smell, taste and smokability all are outstanding 10/10! More specifically, the Dosi Mint is a top contender amongst their line up; I had the pleasure of picking this strain up before the start of my weekend, needless to say it did not last until Monday. My first bowl was consumed Friday night, I almost felt bad as I ripped apart the perfectly trimmed and almost glowing – pinkish, bluish, purplish buds, SO DELECTABLE! After I packed my freshly cleaned and favorited bubbler, set up my patio chair, and poured a glass of iced tea, I was finally ready to dive in. Soon as the smoke hit my lungs I knew this was a special treat: the smoke was incredibly soft and easy on the throat. Signature to a do-si-so cross, the taste was sweet with a hint of earthiness; the other part of the cross, sinMint cookies came out in the subtle vibe of thin mint flavor throughout the session. After about 30 minutes and finishing the bowl, the effects started to really set in; a strong body high throughout my limbs and spine, very buzzy. My mental state was calm and relaxed, ready for puzzles or reading a book. All in all, the experience was elevated, lofty, and transitory – I highly recommend anything from Midnight Fruit Co. but that goes double for this Dosi Mint. Check out our online menu for pricing and more information!

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