Coping with Coronavirus Fears


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Coping with Coronavirus Fears

By Margo Amala

As SARS-CoV-2 (aka coronavirus) takes the world by storm, the populace of the entire world has to come face to face with fear.  Minute by minute, the media further exploits that fear growing inside of each of us. Fear is a frequency literally everyone grapples with.  Fear serves a purpose for human survival as the foundation of our fight or flight instincts. That said, when fear gets out of control it takes a toll on our health.  One of the most important things we can do to bolster our immune systems during this time of viral pandemic, is learn to control our stress response. In a 30 year meta-analysis of more than 300 studies involving human psychological stress and immune function it was found that chronic stress suppresses both forms of immune function.  The ongoing ways our lives are rapidly changing in response to coronavirus fears create chronic stress in our lives. Humans are social animals. The greatest strength in the human race is our ability to work together.  Social distancing is an unnatural state for humans and places additional fear and stress on our systems. Naming the fear that we are all experiencing helps us to stay connected. I have compiled a few activity suggestions to decrease the impact of fear in our lives:

  • In these times of social distancing, do what you can to stay connected to your community.  Social media digital communication becomes increasingly important for social connection.
  • Get outside and connect with nature
  • Laugh: watch a funny movie or listen to your favorite comedian
  • Take a break from the news media
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Journal
  • Eat whole foods

One of the most overwhelming experiences I have noticed when traveling about in the world during these times of social distancing is the look of suspicion on each person’s face as you approach them.  Remember, the people you encounter when you travel about in the world are not your enemies, they are your fellow humans experiencing many of the same feelings you are. Next person you encounter, soften your gaze when you see them – maybe even smile!

During these wild and uncertain times Urban Farmacy is working to support our community.  It is our intention to continue serving the public as long as we are permitted to stay open during the current climate of restriction.  In order to help us keep our doors open, we have instituted some temporary practices to help minimize viral exposure for our staff and customers alike.  

  • Urban Farmacy is built on the foundation of building relationships and providing cannabis education for all.  In this vein, if you have questions we encourage you to call the store ahead of time to get as much information on the phone as possible.  We will also step up reading our emails at
  • If there is a waiting line to be served, we have created a cue that gives you the option to leave your phone number and wait outside or in your car.  
  • We are following the guidance of Governor Kate Brown by:
    • Limiting the number of people in the building to less than 10
    • We ask that you leave a space of 6’ from both staff members and other customers
  • We encourage you to use our online ordering platform Dutchie to order ahead.  You can also phone in an order and it will be ready for you to pick up at the window or outside the building.
  • We are offering dispensary curbside pick-up in the parking lot for drive up, or for walk up orders you may pick up your order outside the dispensary where the sidewalk meets the porch. 
  • Beginning Tuesday March 24, 2020 we are offering delivery services.  Orders will be received thru Dutchie or a phone-in order.

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