CBD Apothecary 1:1:1


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CBD Apothecary 1:1:1

By: Tony

CBD Apothecary makes an amazing sleepy time tincture that boasts a full spectrum 1:1 ratio in CBN and THC. CBN is a wonderful new addition to the cannabis world that I think is going to hit home hard for many humans. Having children and living at such a fast pace, sometimes it helps to have another sleep aid in the medicine cabinet. I usually take my dose directly under the tongue because the oil tastes delicious. Having this combination of cannabinoids really helps me relax, unwind into my bed comfortably, as well as stay asleep to reach a proper REM cycle. With the correct dose, I wake up feeling energized and fully replenished, ready to hit the day running head on. At times I will also take their 1:1 CBD/CBN tincture in tandem for a truly tranquil night of rest.
Their small batch products are made with love, crafted with quality, consistency, and affordability; a truly recommended oil to have on hand! Visit us online to order yours now or visit us in the big red barn off the corner of 60th Ave and Glisan.


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