CBD Oil: Hemp v. Cannabis & The Entourage Effect (Part 1)

CBD Oil: Hemp v. Cannabis & The Entourage Effect  (Part 1) By Margo Amala We are making history as we slowly liberate both the hemp and cannabis plants from the shackles of oppression. Even before the United States federal government legalized hemp in late 2018, the hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) market was booming around the world. […]

Flow States & Cannabis

Flow States & Cannabis By Margo Amala Are you seeking altered states of consciousness?  You are not alone, as a matter of fact humans have practiced altering their states of consciousness in almost every society in the world since the dawn of civilization.  The earliest documented practices are found via cave drawings as early as […]

Altered States: Music & Cannabis

Altered States: Music & Cannabis By Margo Amala Humans love to shift their states of consciousness. Exploring our consciousness is a driving force behind even simple daily activities such as: drinking coffee, consuming cannabis, having sex, listening to music, doing yoga, exercising or going skiing. While each of these activities elicits a different experience, the […]

Cannabis Lingo 101

Cannabis Lingo 101 By Margo Amala The world of cannabis has evolved so quickly as legalization is literally sweeping around the world. Some places are steeped in legal cannabis culture, while others remain largely enshrouded in the taboo black market access to marijuana. What this means for you, is that your experience with and access […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Recreational Dose

Getting the Most Out of Your Recreational Dose By: CannaRanda In Oregon, the edibles are limited to a 5mg serving and 50mg per package. Some of us regular smokers, who have been smoking long before the legal green age, have a higher tolerance and don’t feel that 5mg dose. Some of us aren’t even phased […]

Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis Margo Amala microdosing /ˈmīkrōˌdōsiNG/ noun the action or practice of taking or administering very small amounts of a drug in order to test or benefit from its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects. Most of us are seeking the holy grail that that will help us feel all the feelings we are […]

Understanding Decarboxylation: How to Fine Tune Your Smoking or Vaping Experience

Understanding Decarboxylation: How to Fine Tune Your Smoking or Vaping Experience By Margo Amala Thinking deeply about decarboxylation leads me to a deeper understanding of how to fine-tune your experience when smoking or vaping marijuana. Bear with me here as you need to understand the decarboxylation process to dive deeper into how to dial in […]

Consuming RSO: How to Select an Effective Dose

Question: How much RSO should I take? Answer: Using cannabis is completely relative to each person’s unique biology and life circumstances. When embarking on the journey of supplementing with RSO each person must have dedication to personal experimentation. Dosage is dependent on each individual person and their needs at the time. There are many variables […]

Cannabis as Medicine: A Brief History

growing cannabis

There is a long history weaving a unique and intricate web between humanity and the plant species known as cannabis. The history of humans using Cannabis for a variety of purposes dates back some 10,000 years. Cannabis has its roots in spiritual rituals, recreational entertainment and medicinal preparations. It seems the earliest ancient writings of […]

Consuming RSO: 101


So you have made the jump and have decided to try using Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). The two most frequently asked questions regarding RSO here at my dispensary are as follows: How do I consume RSO? What is a good starter dose of RSO? In this blog post, we will address question number one. How […]