Pros And Cons Of Cannabis Edibles And Everything You Need To Know

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Pros And Cons Of Cannabis Edibles And Everything You Need To Know

As the legalization of marijuana is slowly spreading to more states, people have some questions about the consumption of weed. As if there aren’t enough factors to consider when shopping for weed, everything from strains to how long your high lasts, you must also consider if edibles are the way to go. If you prefer cannabis consumption that doesn’t involve smoking it, then edibles are a good choice. And though there are several advantages to consuming edibles, keep in mind that there are a few drawbacks as well. So before you delve into edibles, you should at least know what you are doing.

The Evolution Of Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Recreational and medical marijuana has gained a lot of ground over the last several years, and edible weed has become a massive moneymaker for dispensaries in Portland and all over the country. And while smoking pot is undoubtedly fun, and you garner the effects almost immediately, eating weed has been a thing for a very long time.

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Around 50,000 years ago, early humans wandered the Earth eating almost anything they could find. After all, there was really no other way to determine what was good, bad, safe, or deadly. So, though it most likely happened entirely by accident, early humans consumed marijuana and enjoyed the effects through experimentation.

Over the years, there have been several references to cannabis as a medicine in times leading up to today. For example, women and men would consume cannabis as a kind of aphrodisiac. Some early cultures would add cannabis to the wedding soup so everybody would have a very good time. The Greeks would infuse cannabis seeds in their wine.

As you may have guessed, modern cannabis edibles first came in the form of brownies in the 1960s. In 1972, the Netherlands opened the very first cannabis coffee shop that featured cannabis-infused sweets. The creation of cannabis edibles has become quite sophisticated over recent years, to the point where modern edibles are totally void of the taste and odor of marijuana.

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The Pros

One of the more significant reasons people choose edibles over flowers is to avoid smoking them. Eating marijuana is a great way to prevent the potential damage you might suffer from smoking weed. In addition, smoking marijuana can also irritate your throat and cause dry eyes and skin. Also, eating cannabis is very convenient and inconspicuous. Edibles are also mostly odor-free and can be safely transported for subtle consumption.

Another benefit of edibles is the long-lasting high one achieves. The effects of many edibles can last as long as six or seven hours. Edibles also give the consumer a long-lasting high as they are metabolized in the liver, a process that creates an evenly-distributed high.

Smoking weed gives you a high that is constantly spiking and falling, while edibles provide a high that is much more consistent. Indeed, an edibles experience can also border on a psychedelic experience, thanks to the different kinds of high one experiences. Lastly, edibles can be consumed in a matter of seconds, and there is no need to grind up the weed and roll it into a joint, an art form that takes time and practice to perfect.

The Disadvantages Of Edibles

Edibles are incredible, but there are a few challenges you may have to overcome; here are a few drawbacks of eating weed. For starters, it can be challenging to determine the right amount of edibles needed to catch the perfect high. There are formulas you can follow, but it can take several tries before finding the right combination. There is such a thing as consuming too much marijuana and becoming far too high that you desire.

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When you smoke pot, the effects are almost immediate, and you quickly feel that sense of euphoria and reach for a double cheeseburger to quell your need for munchies. But should you choose edibles, you have to wait longer for the effects to kick in. Because of this, people tend to make the mistake of eating too much and having an unpleasant experience. But, of course, you might also not eat enough and underdose.

Edibles have come a long way over the years, and they can resemble the very same sweets and other goodies you might buy at the store. As such, leaving edibles out of the package and in the open can be dangerous if you have kids or pets. People can accidentally consume an edible, thinking it is a regular gummy candy or lollipop. When you have edibles in your home, you must be safe and vigilant.

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Tips For When You Ingest Too Much

Should you find yourself way too high for your own comfort, the first thing to keep in mind is not to panic, for this too shall eventually pass. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water; this will help keep you cool and calm. You might want to enjoy a cold beer or other alcoholic beverage, but this will only make you feel worse.

If at all possible, surround yourself with friends and family, people whom you trust and will feel comfortable around. If you are all alone, keep yourself distracted by listening to music, watching television, or doing whatever will keep your mind occupied. Lastly, take a deep breath, relax, and lie down in your bed or on the couch; the best way to get over being too high is by sleeping it off.

Edibles, just like anything else in life that is good, can have their share of problems. It is recommended that you carefully read the directions on the package and follow them; you also might want to take a little less than recommended the first time you delve into edibles. Once you feel comfortable with a specific dose, you can choose to increase it if you like. If you are ready to venture into the world of edible cannabis, Urban Farmacy is one of the top-rated dispensaries in Portland, and we offer an impressive selection of edibles; just click on our menu page and check them out.

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