High Desert Pure – Recover Tincture


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High Desert Pure – Recover Tincture

By: CannaRanda

High desert pure just released a line of full-spectrum cannabis tinctures. This is a 30:1 ratio CBD heavy tincture that is easy to take and cost-effective. What separates this tincture from all the others? First off, this one has a very mild mint chocolate flavor. Both flavors are very light and almost unnoticeable, but just pleasant enough to make the Cannabis tincture more enjoyable to hold in your mouth for quick absorption. This tincture unlike others not only has an oil base so you are able to hold it without the bite you would get from an alcohol tincture, but it does still contain alcohol. That means your belly can break it down quicker. Using a tincture like this regularly and consistently has been shown to regulate the body’s endocannabinoids in preclinical studies. So what does that mean? It means the potential for improving everything from mood stability, to bone reproduction, to pain threshold. This tincture is very potent in CBD coming in around 1000mg! The THC content is so low that is it a perfect stepping stone for someone wanting to give cannabis a shot for chronic pain relief or someone who is trying to get their mental state to chill out in these crazy times (or anytime, really)! This balance of cannabinoids is something that varies from person to person so come in to find out what would be best for you! I’m located in the North Tabor neighborhood at 420 NE 60th Ave off of Glisan St. I hope to meet you soon!

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