Coping with Coronavirus Fears

Coping with Coronavirus Fears By Margo Amala As SARS-CoV-2 (aka coronavirus) takes the world by storm, the populace of the entire world has to come face to face with fear.  Minute by minute, the media further exploits that fear growing inside of each of us. Fear is a frequency literally everyone grapples with.  Fear serves […]

Platinum Punch Remix by Noblecraft Cannabis

Platinum Punch Remix Review By: Bri What caught my eye about Noblecraft Cannabis’s Platinium Punch Remix was its unique long name and smell. These nugs are covered in trichomes, noticeable orange hairs, and hints of purple leaves. The sweet, piney and slightly peppery aroma woke up my nose and alerted me that this was more […]

Peak Extracts Maui Bubble Gift Tincture

Peak Extracts Maui Bubble Gift Tincture By: Julie My own personal quest toward relief and relaxation guided me to the 1:1 Maui Bubble Gift CBD solution from Peak Extracts. I love the cannabinoid ratio of 1:1 THC:CBD for a well-balanced experience. With about six milligrams of THC and CBD to each serving, along with small […]

Virgin Cannabis: Pink Lemonade

Virgin Cannabis: Pink Lemonade By: Bri After a long exhausting day, a new jar of flower by Virgin Cannabis appeared on the shelf.  Her name is Pink Lemonade, she was calling my name. I would call it fate; that day I was wearing a pink hoodie, pink is my favorite color, and lemonade is my […]

Johnny Oilseed Co2 Cartridge

Johnny Oilseed Co2 Cartridge By: Mike Johnny Oilseed is connoisseur quality craft oil at a value price point. Johnny’s got a couple different looks he hits you with: First are the oil-tails. Think cocktail, but we are talking about Co2 oil. Johnny Oilseed oil-tails combine two or more different strains of Co2 oil into one […]