Virgin Cannabis: Pink Lemonade

Virgin Cannabis: Pink Lemonade By: Bri After a long exhausting day, a new jar of flower by Virgin Cannabis appeared on the shelf.  Her name is Pink Lemonade, she was calling my name. I would call it fate; that day I was wearing a pink hoodie, pink is my favorite color, and lemonade is my […]

Midnight Fruit Company: Mystery Cookies OG

Midnight Fruit Company: Mystery Cookies OG By: Trevor My interest was piqued when I first heard the name “Mystery Cookie OG.” “What’s the mystery?” “Why is it a mystery?” “Who’s responsible?” All these questions jumped through my head. Being a connoisseur of cannabis, I jumped on this cookie 33.8% THC mystery, determined to crack the […]

Maui Waui King Palm Blunt

Maui Waui King Palm Blunt By: Emily Maui Waui is a classic mood-elevating strain. No matter the occasion, I feel one can’t go wrong with this cultivar. This past month Urban Farmacy added house-rolled king palm blunts with the strain Maui Waui! Upon sparking up, the smoke is smooth. Each hit is tasty and strong. […]

High Desert Pure Lip Balm

High Desert Pure Lip Balm By: Maddy ‘Tis the season for cold winds and dry, chapped lips! My lips are kept moisturized with help from the full-spectrum Vanilla Almond Biscotti flavored lip balm from High Desert Pure. There are no psychoactive effects felt when applied: this handy chapstick is my most often used product from […]