Yocan: Evolve

Yocan: Evolve By: CannaRanda I recently picked up the Yocan “Evolve”. A Quartz Dual Coil Portable extract vaporizer. This complete setup came with everything you need to get started in the extracts world. Relatively easy to use, excellent for on the go, and more effective and potent draws than you would find from a cartridge. […]

Crop Circle Chocolates

I love to fine tune my reality by microdosing. My edible of choice as of late has been Crop Circle Chocolates: they are strain specific, solventless and delicious. Combining the uplifting effects of chocolate with cannabis really hits a sweet spot! Each box comes with 2 truffles totaling between 45-50 mg depending on the variety […]

Cannabis Infused Salad Dressings

Cannabis Infused Salad Dressings By: CannaRanda When reviewing available edibles in the Oregon market, I have noticed a lack in options for sugar-free, vegan, or for any of the dietary restricted for that matter. There is also a small market for consumers with a higher tolerance that don’t want to eat fist fulls of sugary […]

RSO Olive Oil or Avocado Oil

It can be a challenge to keep it simple when cooking with cannabis. That’s why we use Rick Simpson Oil to make an Olive or Avocado Oil that is easy to use. You can apply the infused Oil directly to your food, make Salad dressings with it or even cook with it! See our recipe below. Before […]

Vital Leaf 5:1 CBD Elixir Drops

Vital Leaf 5:1 CBD Elixir Drops Budtender: Emily My experience of this Elixir from Vital Leaf is simply wonderful. The ratio is 5:1, CBD:THC. The THC is derived from the chemovar Jack Herer. The base is Organic Coconut-Derived MCT oil with a delicious chocolate mint flavoring. It absorbs under the tongue and goes down the […]